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Pastor Motz
Pastor John Motz

"The Unique Jesus"

(by John Motz, pastor)

Who was Jesus? What did his first followers have to say about Him and why is that important to us yet today? Between now and Easter (April 1) we will embark on a journey to get to know Jesus better through the unique lens of the Gospel of Luke.
While each Gospel tells the story of Jesus, each is unique because the author of each brought their own distinct perspective and fashioned the way they told the story for the audience they were originally writing to.
For example, the Gospel of Luke (the third of the four gospels) has many similarities with the other Gospels, especially with Matthew and Mark, but it also contains material that is only found in this account. Some of the best known Jesus stories (for example the birth in Bethlehem complete with angles and shepherds) and best known Jesus teachings (for example the parable of the Prodigal Son) are found only in Luke and without it our understanding of Jesus ministry and message would be incomplete.
During the next two months, Iā€™'d encourage you to make it a goal to read through Luke's Gospel (it's only 24 chapters long ā€“ so a chapter every other day will do it with time to spare). On the Sunday mornings between now and Easter we'll look at some of unique stories and teachings that only Luke contains to discover the unique Jesus that he portrays. This Jesus, through the words of Luke, will capture your heart!
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